150 minutes of exercise per week is enough: the risk of death is significantly reduced


Even moderate amounts of exercise and physical activity significantly reduce the risk of death from many causes.

In today’s machine life, many people who suffer from poor health due to bad diet and lifestyle, are a little careless in trying to restore their damaged health.

To find this out very easily, just calculate how much time each of us devotes to exercise per week. However, in one of the largest comprehensive studies, an average of 150 minutes of exercise per week was found to significantly reduce the risk of death. This conclusion is published based on a study conducted for about 30 years.

And the fact that more than 1,16,000 people have been made to participate in this also adds strength to the conclusion of the study. Study participants were asked to answer a questionnaire with detailed self-reports of their physical activity. The results of the study were recently published in the journal Science, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins for the American Heart Association.

What did the study find?
Even moderate amounts of exercise and physical activity significantly reduce the risk of death from many causes. Based on the responses given by the study participants, the researchers noted that those who engaged in 150-599 minutes of physical activity had a significantly reduced risk of death. The researchers also reported an additional 2% to 4% and 3% to 13% reduction in mortality risk for those who engaged in 150-299 minutes or 300-599 minutes of physical activity per week, respectively.

Another study found that people who followed experts’ recommendations for physical activity reduced their risk of dying from any cause by 21%. Researchers say that the risk of death decreases significantly when exercise is followed by physical activity. At the same time, people who exercised 2 to 4 times the amount recommended by experts could reduce their risk of death by 31%, according to the American Heart Association.

Death rate is high due to heart disease.
Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, killing 18 million people annually. A third of these deaths occur prematurely in people under the age of 70. In its latest report, the WHO organization mentioned that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide among non-communicable diseases.

The importance of exercise in heart health
Several studies have demonstrated that high levels of physical activity are associated with a lower risk of heart disease compared to low levels of physical activity. Totally inactive, sedentary workers are associated with severe cardiovascular risks due to a sudden increase in physical activity. So the risks can be reduced by gradually increasing physical activity or exercise. One can engage in various physical activities such as walking, playing golf, cycling, swimming and mountain climbing.

Risk factors for heart disease
High tobacco use, alcohol consumption, high salt consumption, lack of emphasis on fruits and vegetables, and lack of physical activity are risk factors for heart disease. Besides, high blood pressure, high blood glucose, overweight and obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol also play an important role in the occurrence of heart diseases.

Symptoms associated with heart disease are usually subtle enough to be overlooked, so a person may only be diagnosed with the condition when it poses a health risk. So one should always be aware of the above risk factors. Apart from physical activity and exercise, focus should also be on adding the right amount of nutritious foods to the diet.

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