18-year-old hacker who stole information from Uber company – Uber informs that no personal data has been released!

Uber company

18-year-old hacker has reportedly stolen Uber’s data

An 18-year-old hacker has hacked popular car rental service Uber’s data, the company said. However, the company also announced that no information of individual users was stolen.

Uber is one of the leading car rental companies in India. Although there are many different car rental service companies, each has its own unique clientele. This company is providing not only car but also auto and two wheeler services. Initially launched only in major metro cities of India, this service has now spread to many parts of India. The company is currently doing food delivery under the name of Uber Eats.

Uber is providing its services not only in India but also in different parts of the world. In this case, it seems that a hacker who has recently entered Uber’s database has stolen many of the company’s information.

It seems that various software, tools, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud of that company have been hacked. After hacking, he posted a message on the company’s website for the employees to see.

In it, he posted, “Uber pays less to drivers who work with it.” At first the employees took it lightly as some kind of game, but only later understood the seriousness of the matter. But by then, the hacker seems to have stolen the company’s vital information.

Uber released a report on this last Saturday, saying, “The report that the entire data was stolen is false. It is true that some of our company’s facilities were hacked, but no personal user information was stolen.

As soon as the hacking was confirmed, we stopped all servers. So beyond that the hacker cannot steal any information and we have filed a complaint with the law enforcement agency about this.” Uber also said that the hacker may be 18 years old.

This is not the first time that Uber’s data has been hacked. It is noteworthy that a similar cyber attack was carried out in 2016 and the information of nearly 57 million drivers and customers was stolen. And it is noteworthy that the hacker who hacked now has completed all the work and has also recorded the opinion that the security feature of Uber is weak.

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