20 minutes of exercise keeps teenagers healthy

20 minutes of exercise keeps teenagers healthy

A research paper published in the journal Pediatrics revealed that 20 minutes of vigorous exercise per day for teenagers can have positive effects on their health.

Children may suffer from various heart diseases and lung diseases with increasing age.

Researchers say that 20 minutes of exercise in teenagers improves cardiorespiratory health, meaning the heart and lungs are healthy and oxygen supply to these organs is normal.

Children can avoid obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases and mental diseases in the future with the habit of exercise.

The study involved 339 children between the ages of 13 and 14. All participants were given exercise in schools for 2 years, wearing sensors on their wrists to note the effects.

Experts say that children who run at full strength for just 20 minutes have a better cardiorespiratory system and can achieve the best results, while longer periods of exercise have no significant benefit. It did not appear.

Interestingly, while current standards recommend 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise per day for every teenager, recent research has helped reduce the duration.

Experts suggest that if teenagers and growing children want to keep themselves fit, they should prioritize 20 minutes of jogging instead of 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise such as brisk walking as it has many benefits.

In this way, just doing a 20-minute run can keep teenagers fit.

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