6 Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure That You Can Avoid

6 Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure That You Can Avoid

When we hear the name of high blood sugar, it comes to our mind that there is a diabetic patient who has been diagnosed with diabetes or is deficient in insulin, but this impression is wrong.

High blood sugar does not have to be for diabetics, it can happen to the average person, and if high blood sugar is not diagnosed and treated in time, it can damage nerves, kidneys, eyes as well as heart disease. There is danger.

Today we are going to tell you about some of the symptoms of high blood sugar so that you may know that you may not have any of these symptoms.

Matte look:
High blood sugar also affects the eyes, which can lead to poor eyesight and blurred vision, so if your eyesight is deteriorating and you do not have diabetes, find out if it is caused by high blood sugar. The reason is not happening.

Feeling tired all the time:
High blood pressure makes a person feel tired and lethargic and starts feeling tired all the time, the main reason is that the glucose in our body cannot play the role of energy source due to high blood sugar. 

If you have frequent headaches and other symptoms, be sure to have your blood sugar checked, as rising blood sugar levels increase the risk of hormones that are important for brain function.

Afternoon nap:
This is not a good sign if you have had a good night’s sleep and still have a good night’s
sleep. High blood sugar causes the body to lose glucose, which causes weakness and fatigue. At the same time sleep is more.

Numbness of hands and toes:
High blood sugar causes the blood to thicken and affect the blood circulation, causing numbness of the fingers and toes, which is also a clear sign of high blood sugar.

Intensity of thirst:
Patients with high blood sugar often feel thirsty, because when the kidneys fail to filter glucose, the body becomes dehydrated, during which time the mouth feels dry all the time and soon after drinking water Then it dries up and you feel the intensity of thirst again and again.

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