Adverse health effects of cashew use

Adverse health effects of cashew use

Cashew is a dried fruit that has many health benefits, but misuse of this fruit can have negative health effects.

According to nutritionists, dried cashews, a favorite of young and old alike, contain essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are naturally essential for human health and are considered essential for human health, especially by experts. Cashews are also very beneficial for weight loss and better heart function.

In addition, cashew nuts reduce the risk of high cholesterol and stroke.

The positive health effects of regular consumption of cashews by nutritionists are as follows:

According to nutritionists, cashews are rich in fatty acids that help lower cholesterol and keep the heart healthy. According to a study, cashews contain minerals, vitamins, potassium and folic acid. It also protects against high blood pressure and heart disease.

According to experts, it is very easy to lose weight with cashew nuts. If cashew nuts are used on a daily basis, weight loss will start.

The amount of calcium in cashews strengthens bones, which is also beneficial for eye health and sharp vision, while it also has the disadvantages of eating too much and incorrectly.

What are the negative health effects of eating cashews?
Nutritinists recommend that cashews should always be roasted, as raw cashew nuts contain a chemical called ‘urushiol’, which can be toxic to humans.

According to nutritionists, before use, remove the raw cashews from the peels and fry them to get rid of the toxins in them. Uncooked cashews can cause skin irritation, redness, itching and blisters in the mouth. Are

Experts recommend that roasted cashews should always be preferred when shopping as they are safer.

According to experts, avoid excessive consumption of cashews. Due to the high energy content of cashews, it can make you fat in days, so use a maximum of 10 cashews a day and 3 to 4 cashews on a daily basis. Can be done

According to nutritionists, cashews can cause bloating, constipation, weight gain and arthritis in some people.

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