Aindrila Sharma: Lost cancer twice! Indrila is back to normal life, how is her time going

Aindrila Sharma: Twice she has won by fighting this deadly disease. Andrila is returning to normal life.
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Tele actress Aindrila Sharma has been battling cancer for a long time. Not once. Twice he has won by fighting this deadly disease. Andrila is returning to the rhythm of normal life.
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Aindrila, who was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, requested the fans to pray for her from the hospital. After that a lot of time has passed. Andrila has recovered.
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Sahsini recently left Murshidabad. Andrila has shared some pictures from there on social media.
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Sometimes the tele actress is spending time with her favorite pet. The actress is moving forward by defeating the deadly disease.
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He is enjoying pure joy like children whenever he gets time again. But there is a lot of struggle behind it, Andrilla.
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His family and dear friend and actor Sabyasachi Chowdhury was by his side in this fight. When Aindrila is ill, the actor has repeatedly written about her.
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All those posts written by Sabyasachi have touched the hearts of the fans on social media. Family as well as Andrilla fans have also prayed for the actress at this time.
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But all that is now past. Leaving everything behind, Andrila is back to normal life. The audience is waiting to see Bakish Sahsini in the acting world again.

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