Airtel 5G: 5G in India in August! Airtel is going to give special benefits to customers?

Airtel 5G: If all goes well, Airtel will be the first telecom giant to offer India’s first 5G service.

5G network is finally starting in India. At least that is the indication from Airtel. After a long wait, the telecom company recently announced that they will start the process of deploying 5G network in India by the end of August.

Telecom giant Airtel has announced that it has already signed 5G network deals with Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung. If all goes well, Airtel will be the first telecom giant to offer India’s first 5G service.

Ericsson and Nokia have a long-standing relationship with Airtel. Samsung recently joined this list. Recently a spectrum auction was organized by Airtel Telecom Division.

On its part, the telecom giant called for auctions and won 19867.8 MHZ of spectrum in 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 3300 MHz and 26 GHz frequencies.

Speaking about the launch of 5G services in India, Airtel MD & CEO Gopal Vittal said, “We are happy to announce that Airtel will launch 5G services in August itself. Our network agreement has been finalized and Airtel will work with the best technology partners around the world to provide customers with the full benefits of 5G connectivity. India’s transformation to a digital economy will be driven by telecom. 5G can revolutionize digital transformation for industries, enterprises and India’s socio-economic development.’

Airtel is the first among the three telecom companies in India to test 5G network. The telecom company tested this in multiple use cases with multiple partners in multiple locations.

India’s first 5G experience with a live 4G network in Hyderabad also showed what it’s going to be like. It is reported that Airtel is also going to conduct India’s first rural 5G trial later.

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