All bank cards can be stored in one place, transactions will be easy! Google brings new Wallet app

Everything is being ordered and paid online through various apps at home
Google has announced more new services and new products at their I / O Developer Conference (Google I / O 2022). One of them is the Google Wallet app. This is a digital wallet app. This allows the physical item to be used as a digital version. As a result, the Google digital app can be used as a wallet and wallet. Google has announced that it is about to launch its new Google Wallet app in 40 countries. Coronavirus has caused a digital revolution. The use of digital apps has increased as a result of the Corona epidemic. As a result, everything is being ordered through different types of apps at home and payment is being made online. It has become extremely popular. As a result, Google is about to launch their digital wallet app.

Different types of bank cards can be stored in this digital wallet app. As a result, users will be able to make faster payments through those bank cards. With this digital app, you don’t have to carry bank cards everywhere. Apart from bank cards, other cards can also be stored in this digital wallet app. As a result, even if the card does not go everywhere, work can be done through it. As a result, those cards will be extremely secure and there will be no fear of losing them. Google has announced that in the future, digital ID will be available in their digital wallet app. This makes it easier to work through the NFC process.

Google has announced that flight boarding passes can also be saved in their digital wallet app. As a result, users will be notified via this app when flight dates change and times change. This app will also work with other Google services. For example, if a person travels by bus, he sees the route through Google map and at the same time he sees the fare there.

There are also various other benefits available through Google’s digital app. It is possible to book a corona vaccine slot. At the same time it is possible to store in digital office and hotel key. According to Google, all user data will be very secure here. Google currently has the Play app. Through this, users can make different types of payments. This is also a very popular app.

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