Android 13 offers the option to change the language of certain apps, see the trick

Take a look at how to change language in Android phone apps

The Android operating system (OS) provides an option to select the Indian language for various apps. That is, Android OS users can choose the Indian language of their choice in various apps on their smartphones.

When setting up an Android smartphone, the first thing to do is to choose a language for the entire system. That is, if you choose the English language at that time, the English language will be selected as the default language of your phone. All the apps on the user’s phone can be seen in that English language. But many users want to use their native language for some apps.

In this case, different types of apps can use their mother tongue through the Android operating system. Android 13 users will reportedly be able to choose a specific language for a specific app. Take a look at how to change language in Android phone apps.

How to Change Language in Android Phone Apps –
Language can be changed in the app on Samsung and Pixel smartphones or any smartphone running Android 13. Take a look at that easy way.

Samsung Smartphone –

– First of all open the settings option of the Samsung smartphone running on Android 13.

– Then scroll down and click on Look for General Management option.

– Then click on app language option.

– Then select that app. ie whose language the user wants to change.

– User can easily change the app language after selecting the app.

Pixel smartphone –

– First, scroll down the Pixel smartphone and open the ‘Quick Settings Panel’ option at the bottom of the screen.

– Then click on the setting icon.

– Then scroll down and click on system option.

– Then click on language and input option.

– Then click on app language and select app. That is, users have to select the language of their choice by selecting the app that they want to change the language of.

In these simple ways, it is possible to change the language of the app according to your choice, keeping the language of your phone unchanged. Smartphones running on Android 13 can easily change the language of any app through these few methods.

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