Ayurveda Oil Pak rules today’s protein oil! All hair problems are removed in this oil

Protein oil is the only solution to hair problems

Hair Care: Starting with Durga Puja, till Kali Puja-Diwali, hair care will be done in different styles. So the way?

Hair is the cause of headaches. A miserable life with hair loss, split ends, rough-dry hair. Experts say, lazy lifestyle and environmental pollution are the main reasons for this. Apart from this, there are not taking care of hair, wrong diet, use of excess styling tools, harmful effects of chemical products, excess exposure to sun. This festive season is with him. Starting with Durga Puja, till Kali Puja-Diwali, hair care will be done in different styles. So the way?

Protein oil is the only solution to all these hair problems. This will give you thick black and shiny hair. Just as protein improves the internal health of the body, its role in hair care is undeniable. Protein is actually the body’s chemical building blocks, called ‘amino acids’ that help build and repair muscle bones. Similarly, hair contains a special protein called ‘keratin’. It also needs scrubbing from time to time. That is why it is said to add protein to hair care. It provides adequate nourishment to the hair.

What is Protein Oil: Protein oil is pure Ayurvedic stuff. A powerful blend of nourishing oils made from various plant extracts and herbal pastes of bhringraj, amra, onion, curry leaves, black cumin etc. In Ayurveda, this is called the ‘Oil Pak Vidhi’. So, if you want to buy protein oil, you should buy it from an Ayurvedic product store.

Prevents hair breakage, fights dandruff: Dry scalp is responsible for this problem. Regular use of protein oil on hair reduces the problem of hair breakage. Get rid of dandruff. It is generally recommended to apply protein oil to the hair three times a week.

Nourishes: Protein oil is rich in essential micronutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. Goes deep into the scalp and nourishes the hair. After a busy day, protein oil containing nourishing oils (such as almond, sesame, coconut, rosemary, etc.) helps to nourish a dehydrated scalp.

Hair Growth by Increasing Blood Circulation: An important benefit of the ideal protein-based hair oil is that it helps reduce the problem of hair loss to a great extent. Massaging with it in the right manner increases blood circulation. As a result, new hair grows.

Strong Hair: Apart from preventing breakage and hair fall, protein hair oil also strengthens hair with essential minerals and nutrients. Important omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and natural proteins help prevent external heat damage and strengthen hair roots.

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