Benefits of rose water. Controlling a fast heartbeat or bleeding gums. Dr. Isa told simple recipes with rose water

Rose water is very cheap and within everyone’s reach. The hallmark of real rose water is that when you open the bottle, it will not smell, but when you bring it close to your nose, you will smell it. The imitation is infused with rose essence due to which the fragrance is released as soon as the bottle is opened. Therefore, if you want to benefit from these mentioned recipes, take real rose water.

1. Rapid heartbeat:
If for some reason your heart rate is fast or if there is a lack of Khun in the body, then due to this also the heart rate gets faster by walking, then this is the recipe for it.
Raisins 8 to 10
rose water 1/3 cup/glass
Water 3/4 cup/glass
For anyone who has fast heartbeat disease, this remedy is to eat raisins in the morning with 1/3 cup of rose water with this rose water. Take three times the water and mix it, that is, mix one part rose water and three parts water and drink it on top of this raisin. In 10 to 15 days your pain will be gone.

2. Bleeding gums:
If you have bleeding gums, use this recipe.
A quarter of a glass of rose
water If your gums are weak and bleeding, take a glass of rose water and gargle with it, but do not rinse immediately. rotate in Then rinse. If you do 4 to 5 buds, the bleeding will stop immediately, along with the gums will be very strong and the mouth will smell good.

3. For the heart, face and eyes:
This prescription is for people who have heart problems, or have had angiography or angioplasty or bypass surgery. Or if one does not have heart disease but wants to strengthen his heart then try this recipe.
Drink a quarter 
of a cup of rose water every day. If you want, mix it with water. It is heart-strengthening, gives strength to the heart.

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