Bike Tips: If the bike stops suddenly in the rain, do ‘this’ job, it will start immediately

Bike Tips in Rainy Season: Bikers have to suffer a lot during rainy season. If your bike, scooty stops suddenly in the rain, you can restart it depending on some methods.

The monsoon is currently underway. Heavy rains have occurred in various parts of the country. So people are happy. Monsoon brings pleasant weather, relief from heat, but still monsoon brings with it some problems. During the rainy season, one has to find a way out of many problems like traffic jams on the roads, problem of lights, water accumulation, potholes. Especially the two-wheeler drivers have to suffer a lot during monsoons. When the road gets waterlogged due to rain or an underpass gets waterlogged, the water enters the two wheeler. Due to which the car stops and then people face many problems. In such a situation, if your bike, scooty stops suddenly in the rain, you can restart it depending on some methods. Start bike in rain if suddenly stop workingLet’s find out what to do today.

This is how you can bike start-
Step 1 –
First you need to remove the spark plug. Because the spark plugs get damaged due to mud in the rain and then it becomes difficult to remove if the mud remains on it for a long time.

Step 2- Now we have to see if water has entered the bike. If the water is gone, you will have to tilt your bike alternately from both sides. Then you have to disconnect the bike battery immediately. By doing this, the electric system installed in the bike will remain safe.

Step 3- After that let the bike dry and then you remove the plug and battery etc. Have to add again. After this if you start the bike it can start if there is no other problem.

If rain water has entered your bike and it still doesn’t start after doing the above mentioned things, then you should go to a mechanic immediately or you can go to a service center. With the help of this your bike can be repaired again.

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