Can you stay healthy without going to the gym?

In our society people usually have the habit of sleeping late at night due to which they wake up late the next morning. This daily routine disrupts all routines from breakfast to dinner. Maybe because of this routine, going to the gym is also a problem for many people. Even if you don’t go to the gym, you might be too lazy to exercise at home.

This behavior calls into question your fitness or stamina and makes it difficult for you to lead an active lifestyle. For such people, experts urge to do some activities that burn calories without going to the gym.

Exercise is not only for losing weight, but even if you are fit, exercise at least some time every day to maintain your fitness. Practitioners are protected from many diseases, especially in yoga, there is complete medication. When you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth while exercising, this process helps cleanse the blood and flush out toxins.

All the exercises which are done sitting or lying down on the floor help in shaping the lower body like stomach, thighs (thighs) etc. Best for arms and back. By including your children in non-gym activities with you, not only can you maintain your health, but your children will also get used to following a healthy routine.

Follow these steps to stay fit without going to the gym:
Light exercise at the start of the day:
A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that if you do light exercise before breakfast after getting up in the morning, you will lose 20% more fat than if you exercise after breakfast. Doing sweaty early morning activities (high-intensity interval training) like jumping rope and squat jumps in your room in just 10 minutes will help you burn body fat a lot. At the same time, your lungs will also be healthy as the flow of breath becomes faster.

Going up and down stairs:
Take just 10 minutes out of your busy life and start walking up and down the stairs in your home, apartment or office. This will enable you to burn 100 calories. However, if you are walking a lot outside the house, you can skip this exercise. However, in the absence of other activities or lack of exercise, stair exercise can help keep you fit.

to run:
If you exercise for 30 minutes in the gym, you can burn three times as many calories in just ten minutes as running in the gym. If it takes you more than ten minutes, you can run less. According to a study by the Colorado State University in the US, you can burn 200 calories in just two and a half minutes with fast-paced exercise (such as running, cycling, etc.).

If for any reason you are unable to exercise in the morning, you can try to keep yourself fit by jogging in the evening and if you take the children along, they will also develop a healthy habit. You can also organize a group of your friends for jogging in the evening, thus jogging together will not only save you time but also burn calories.

By walking for 15 minutes, you are able to burn as many calories as you accumulate by sitting for 45 minutes. Walking after eating helps in digestion anyway. A longer walk helps burn more calories. You can easily walk on your rooftop, in a park or on an empty street.

Exercise speed:
Whatever exercise you do, the faster you do it (ie, brisk walking or jogging), the faster you will burn calories. According to experts, if you do even a normal exercise fast, it is likely to burn 20 percent more calories. You don’t have to run or walk briskly for the whole ten minutes. Increase your speed by walking, running or cycling for just 30 seconds, then do the exercise as normal for three minutes.

The face is also a part of your body and it also needs exercise. If you get a chance to hang out, walk and chat with friends and relatives, take advantage of it. Just 10 to 15 minutes of laughing and joking around can reduce your calorie intake by 40 calories, and if you laugh all day long, think how much it will do. So laugh, play and be open.

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