Cheapest bikes of India Take a look at the cheapest bikes in the country’s market

Cheapest bikes of India: Cheap and nutritious. Do not fulfill the hobby by saying less money in hand. These bikes will give good mileage at low price.
There is sadha, not sadhya. Will not be a motorcycle to earn less! Of course! Mahindra Centuro Rockstar can take. Price is around 49 thousand rupees (ex
showroom). 106.8 cc motorcycle.

Hero HF Deluxe is in great demand in the Indian market. This motorcycle is much cheaper. It is better to give mileage on it. Price is around 40 thousand rupees (ex showroom).
99.8 cc motorcycle TVS Sports. Price is around 40 thousand rupees (ex showroom). Checking can be cheap.Bajaj City 100. This motorcycle is called Mileage King. Price is around 40 thousand rupees (ex showroom).Bajaj Platina. 102 cc engine in this motorcycle. Get good mileage. Price around 50 thousand rupees (ex showroom).

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