Cooking Oil Price: Mustard-Almond-edible oil prices ‘fall’! What is the price of 1 liter today? See list

Cooking Oil Price: The price of edible oil is going down. Prices of soybean oil, CPO, cotton and palm oil are falling amid falling global prices. In mustard, peanut oil prices continue to fall.

After a series of declines, soybean oil prices rose slightly today, but overall edible oil prices fell. Prices of soybean oil, CPO, cotton and palm oil are falling amid falling global prices. Prices of mustard, peanut oil and oilseeds remained normal. Symbolic image.


According to sources, there is no demand for oilseeds in the market or mandis except soybean. Soybean oil prices have fallen due to the recession on the Chicago Exchange.

According to sources, the arrival of mustard and peanuts in the mandis has started declining. On Wednesday, the import of mustard has come down from about five lakh sacks to about four and a half lakh bags. Symbolic image.
Mustard refined oil seeds can be a problem for mustard going beyond the large size that is being produced. In the case of mustard, the next harvest takes about nine to ten months, and the government must be especially careful about mustard. Symbolic image.
In this context, market sources said that the government should make efforts to purchase and stockpile mustard oilseeds by issuing applications to the procurement agencies of the Central and State Governments. It will be fruitful in the interest of the country in times of need. There is no alternative to mustard and the government must be vigilant for this. Symbolic image.
According to sources, prices of soybean oil, crude palm oil (CPO), cotton and palm oil have declined due to the downtrend in overseas markets. The Malaysia exchange was down about half a percent and the Chicago exchange was down about 1.6 percent. Symbolic image.

Let’s take a look at the price of oil today
– Mustard oilseeds – Rs. 6,575-6,615 per quintal Peanuts
– Rs. 8,635 – Rs.
8,960 per quintal
Solvent refined oil Rs 2,650 – Rs 2,740 per tin Symbolic image.
8/10 _ _
Mustard Oil Grinding – Rs. 15,200 per quintal
Mustard Pakki Grinding – Rs. 2,390-2,480 per tin
Mustard Raw Grinding – Rs
. , Soybean Oil Mill Delivery 500 Taka
Delhi – 16,950 Taka
Soybean Mill Delivery Indore – 16,350 Taka Soybean Mill Delivery
Soybean Oil Degam, Kandla – Rs 15,450 per quintal
CPO Ex Kandla – Rs 15,200 per quintal Cotton Seed
Mill Delivery (Haryana) – Rs 15,400 per quintal
Palmolin RBD, Delhi – Rs
18,600 per quintal – Rs 15,550 per quintal (excluding GST) Symbolic image.
Soybean grains –
Rs. 6,100-7,200 per quintal Soybean at Rs. 6,800 per quintal – Rs

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