Delaying the early signs of a stroke that you are ignoring can be dangerous for you.

Paralysis is a disease that strikes a person silently. It damages brain cells and paralyzes any part of the body. Its severity can be reduced if immediate treatment is available. However, most people treat the symptoms of this deadly disease as mild as other medical problems and treatment is delayed.

With each passing minute after a stroke, your brain loses 1.9 million cells, and if treatment is not available for an hour, the brain life increases by three and a half years. The longer the treatment lasts, the more likely it is that there will be an increase in speech difficulties, memory loss and behavioral changes or other complications. Because it is related to the brain, the damage caused by it is also severe.

Medical experts say that these warning signs of paralysis start appearing a week before the actual visit. If it is prevented at the same time, paralysis can be caught, but in our country, people ignore the signs or symptoms that make things worse.

Double-looking, or blurry, things.
Most structural problems before paralysis, such as blurred vision, blurred vision or poor eyesight, can be obvious symptoms of paralysis, but most of us consider these symptoms to be the result of old age or fatigue. According to medical experts, seeing one or two things with fatigue or weakness are two different things.

Frequent numbness of the limbs, numbness or tingling.
If you lie down to sleep and hear your hands or feet repeatedly while sleeping, it is an alarm bell and it is easy to imagine that it is the result of a nervous breakdown. However, medical experts say that if one of your hands suddenly becomes numb or weak and this condition is recurring, you should contact for immediate medical help. According to him, a decrease in blood flow from the spinal cord to the brain in the arteries results in numbness or weakness of the body.

Stuttering or stammering in speech.
It is also often the case that if you start to feel stuttering or stammering after using certain medications, it may be the beginning of a stroke. According to medical experts, if you have not experienced this type of condition before using this medicine, then this is a warning to you that you need an immediate check-up.

Difficulty in thinking and understanding.
It often happens that you start to forget while talking or have difficulty in thinking or understanding anything, then they think that it is happening due to excessive fatigue. But sudden loss of mental ability to think and understand is one of the common symptoms of stroke. According to medical experts, any person may have difficulty in thinking for a moment, but if its duration increases, it is a cause for concern, because it shows that your brain is not working normally. …

Migraine headaches can also be a sign of paralysis.
Migraine headaches may be just a migraine, but if you don’t already have it, it could be one of the symptoms of a stroke. Medical experts suggest that migraines may be due to a migraine or a migraine because the symptoms are the same in both cases. So don’t underestimate the pain of headaches, especially migraines. If it starts suddenly and then continues, it should be checked immediately.

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