Dervish Tree Neem, every part of which is healing, know how you can benefit from it

The fruits of neem have been used for thousands of years. It has been used as a medicine for many ailments since ancient times. From its root to its flower, there is healing in everything and its ghanasaya protects against sun damage. This precious tree has countless benefits. Know how this tree benefits you from its various parts.

Neem seed
Neem seed extract contains an effective compound that has the ability to fight parasites that affect hair and skin, such as lice. Use a neem shampoo to get rid of head lice, it will not only get rid of them but also get rid of dandruff and dandruff.

Keep the skin young
Neem seed oil is rich in a variety of fatty acids and all these fatty acids have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that are essential for healthy skin. Apply it on the skin. And looked many years younger than her age. Its oil is also considered to be very suitable for acne. It has anti-bacterial properties, reduces the pain and redness of acne and makes the skin plump. It is often used in medicine.

Branches of neem
Brushing neem cleans the mouth, it has antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, so it improves overall health by ridding the mouth of all kinds of germs. If there are germs in the mouth, they will go to the stomach with the food, where they can cause many diseases.

Neem leaves
It is very effective in healing wounds. Neem leaf extract has amazing ability to heal wounds. Applying neem oil on many chronic skin wounds gives a lot of relief and the wounds heal quickly.

Excellent for skin and hair
Neem leaves are easily available everywhere, just put two cups of neem leaves in two liters of water and boil them so much that their green color does not remain. It is necessary to add a little Saniam water to the bath water to get rid of all harmful germs present on the skin.
Neem water is also very useful for hair, washing hair with this water stops hair fall and eliminates dryness and also increases the shine of hair.

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