Diabetes Control Tips: Winter is coming, this fruit is a great protection for diabetes patients, blood pressure will be controlled, immunity will increase, risk of stroke will decrease.

Diabetes Control Tips: This fruit contains a lot of fiber which is very good for blood sugar patients
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Day by day, the number of patients suffering from diabetes in the country is gradually increasing One of the main reasons for this is lack of proper lifestyle There is no equality between eating and sleeping time Symbolic image
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When the level of insulin in the body decreases, the amount of sugar increases So sugar control becomes very important for diabetic patients As a result, the kidneys and lungs are damaged Symbolic image
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It is very important to eat glycemic foods for sugar control in diabetic patients Care should be taken that the food list does not contain sweet foods Diabetic patients have fruits in every season that they must eat Symbolic image

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Otherwise sugar labels will not be controlled easily It is very important to eat guava as a winter fruit for diabetic patients Because eating guava increases the immunity to a great extent Symbolic image
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Know at a glance why guava consumption is very important for diabetic patients Guava is rich in nutrients Raw or peeled guavas contain protein, sugars and magnesium which are known to control BP. Symbolic image
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Keeps the body healthy Guava contains magnesium which controls high blood pressure Guava is rich in magnesium which regulates vitamin D and calcium Bones are also strengthened by eating guava Symbolic image
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Guava is a fruit that boosts the immunity of the body so that it does not get sick in any way Also regulates blood sugar levels Guava is rich in fiber It has less calories Symbolic image
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Diabetic patients should eat foods that contain a lot of fiber, guava is the best Maintains balance between fat and sugar Keeps the body healthy for a long time Symbolic image
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Disclaimer: The above information is not really a substitute for home remedies, treatments or prescriptions Be sure to consult your doctor before using it Symbolic image

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