Do you get tired quickly, there is also anemia in the body? Then make this energy drink at home, drink it daily and strengthen your immune system!

Do you feel tired when you wake up in the morning, whether you eat breakfast or exercise, your fatigue persists? If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then know that now is the time to start paying attention to your diet. Because of all these things, the hair of your head will also be falling out, there will be anemia in the body due to which the immune system will not be working properly. Be aware that if you do not have antioxidants in your diet, you may gradually see such problems. So try to eliminate the deficiency of antioxidants in the body.

For those who find themselves tired all the time, whose immune system is not strong or whose body is deficient in blood, a nutritionist Dr. Daksha is telling them how to make an energy drink, this cheap syrup at home. Will be ready easily.

Component work:
To make this energy drink, take a beetroot, a carrot, a few green coriander leaves, half a pomegranate and extract its seeds. Curry leaves 7 to 8, a few mint leaves. A slice of ginger and half a lemon. In a blender, add beetroot, carrot, green coriander, mint, curry leaves, pomegranate, ginger and half a lemon juice. Add half a glass of water. Blend well in a blender. When the syrup is ready, sift it, add honey if you want to add as much sweetness as you want, otherwise drink this drink in the morning.
Dr. Daksha says that if there is anemia in the body then many problems come up, one of which is hair loss. In addition, the body also develops weakness, feeling tired all the time, as well as the immune system is weakened. If such people drink this energy drink in the morning, all their problems will be solved in a few days and they will feel strong, they will not feel tired even after working all day.

Other benefits:
Thanks to this energy drink, the human metabolic system starts working better.
Due to this, the process of cleansing the blood in the body is also accelerated, the benefit of which is that the toxins are separated from the blood, the skin of the face becomes clear and transparent. The aging process of the skin stops.
This causes the blood cells to form faster in the body and the anemia goes away.
This energy drink is very beneficial for heart health. Beets and carrots contain lutein, beta carotene and other ingredients that keep the heart healthy.

This energy drink does not contain many calories, so it does not cause weight gain, at the same time it contains a lot of nutrients, due to which a person’s energy level increases. It feels full after drinking, so it does not make you feel hungry after drinking, so this drink is perfect for those who want to diet.

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