Do you know what harm can be done to your body if these foods are eaten together?

Do you know what harm can be done to your body if these foods are eaten together?

Diet gives energy to our body and its various benefits make us physically strong and active. Different experiments are done on food in the world, new dishes are brought together by combining different types of ingredients. But did you know that there are some things that can be dangerous for you to eat together? That is why they need to be careful while eating. It is also best to consult a doctor.
Watermelon and water mix

Watermelon contains 90 to 95% water and drinking more water with it is harmful to the stomach. Similarly, watermelon should not be eaten before eating. Watermelon is better to eat on an empty stomach.

Tea and yogurt
Both tea and yoghurt cause acidity, so if these two things are eaten together or things like lassi and tea are drunk together, then they are harmful for the body.

Milk and banana
You may be surprised to know that shake is very popular all over the world and people love to drink it with great enthusiasm but medical research has shown that these two things together are very heavy for the stomach which Can cause pain or discomfort in the abdomen and stomach.

Yogurt and fruit
Most people are making smoothies by adding different fruits with yogurt. Or eat fruit with yogurt for breakfast, but if these fruits are citrus or citrus fruits, they can create acidity and acidity in your body.

Meat and milk
Eating milk and meat is strictly forbidden. Some people think about fish that if you eat fish and drink milk, you may get white spots on the skin. And it is also said that it upsets the stomach.

Milk and lemons
You may have noticed that when milk has to be skimmed, lemons or vinegar are added to it, which makes the milk burst immediately. In the same way it reacts in our stomach, so we should avoid using these two things together.

Cucumber and water
Cucumbers also have a high water content, so eating them with water, like watermelon, is harmful to the stomach.

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