Do you pay online? Be careful! Follow this trick to avoid fraud

Online Payment Frauds: If you pay attention to all these issues, users will not face any problem even if they make online payments

Online Payment Frauds: Nowadays online payment has gained immense popularity. Now many people are making various types of payments online at home. Since the Corona pandemic, the popularity of this online payment has grown by storm. As the trend of making online payments is increasing, various types of corruption are also increasing at the same time. Because hackers are doing various types of corruption through online payments. Online payment for this should be done securely. A few things must be kept in mind for this. If you pay attention to all these things, users will not face any problem even if they make online payments. Let’s take a look at some important ways.

Online Payment App –
Nowadays, due to the popularity of online payments, there are various types of online payment mobile apps. But users should remember one thing that no online payment app should be installed. Users must download a valid online payment app from the Google Play Store. For this first of all you have to go to play store and check the verified badge of that app i.e. whether that app is valid or not. Also check out the reviews of that app. After checking these two things then one needs to download that online payment app. In this case it is wise to use popular online payment apps.

Phone Pay app is the most used online payment app in India. Also popular online payment apps in India are Google Pay, Paytm. BHIM app launched by Government of India. There are also payment apps in India like Amazon Pay, Jio Money, Mobikwik, Paypal etc.

Transactions should not be done using public Wi-Fi –
Many users use public Wi-Fi for free internet access. Currently, free Wi-Fi facilities are available in various places like metro-railway stations, parks, coaching centers, malls etc. But online payments should never be made using such free wifi. Because it may cause inconvenience to users. That means secure internet data should always be used while using online payment apps.

OTP should not be shared –
The OTP number is sent to the user’s mobile by the bank while making the online payment. Online payment is not possible without that OTP. That means this OTP is very important. So this OTP should not be shared with everyone.

Don’t click on unknown links –
Nowadays hackers are sending different types of messages and emails to users. Various links are being sent in those messages and emails. Such mails are being sent with various offers and mentions of banks or companies. But don’t forget to click on such unknown links. Hidden in all these links is the terrible danger of money becoming nine and six.

Ways to use web browsing –
While shopping online one should use those websites which are very popular and have over crores of users. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. There are various types of shopping websites in the market today. But unknown shopping websites should never be used. Because there are various dangers hidden in their URLs. Clicking on all these URLs can steal various types of information from the mobile or device. Also while shopping you have to give your ATM, bank details etc. For this one should shop from a website that is legitimate and popular.

Care should be taken while using the card –
Users should be very careful while using cards while making online payments. At that time, first of all, it is necessary to check whether the card reading machine is working or not. Because many times users’ bank cards are hacked from that card reading machine. As a result, users’ bank money can be lost in an instant. So there is a need to be careful while using the card. If you keep an eye on all these ways, chances of danger to the users while making online payments are less.

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