Durga Puja Fashion 2022|| Bajimat in the skirt! Durga Puja Matun in new designs, Haddish left

Skirts for Durga Puja Fashion on 2022: Dressing yourself in colorful skirts for the four days of Puja will keep you ahead of others in fashion.
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* Puja (Durga Puja 2022) means new clothes. Started shopping a month ago. Shops are overcrowded. Skirt is the trending dress for this year’s puja. So saree along with gorgeous skirt must be in the shopping list. Matching Kurti. Collected images.
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* For four days wandering from pandal to pandal, if you have to take a long walk, comfortable clothes like skirts are not enough anymore. Moreover, there is a mix of Indian tradition with the skirt. If you dress yourself up in colorful skirts for the four days of Puja, you can be a few steps ahead of others in fashion. So why the delay! Here are some gorgeous skirt designs. Collected images.
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*Plaid Skirt: Looks like a fringe. As if pinched. A pleated skirt goes well with a plain t-shirt or kurti. Tank tops can also be worn. Let the necklace be around the neck. Sandals on feet. Well, what else do you want! A denim vest can also be layered over a plain t-shirt. Let this be the look of Saptami this year. Collected images.

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* Long skirt: On the day of Ashtami, you have to dress up. From Anjali giving in the morning to Sandhi Puja at night. Wandering too long. So stay long skirts on this day. Moreover, long skirts of thousands of colors and prints are available in the market. Suits any body shape. Looks good with a long skirt with a graphic T-shirt or a plain shirt tucked in. A denim jacket can also be worn on top. It gives a bohemian look. ‘Who is on the way to Calcutta’ is a foreign type affair. Collected images.
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*A line skirt: A line skirt has an elegant look. It is very popular among young women. Denim A-line skirt is the answer. On the day of Navami, this look can do the trick. With this, a white T-shirt and sneakers will bring a stylish but elegant look. Printed tops can also be worn. Tuck-in is best. If you are tall then it is better to choose a knee length skirt. And if the height is less, medium size skirt will be fine. Collected images.
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*High waist skirt: Emotional mind during Dashami farewell. But you have to go out. So you have to dress up. Let’s wear high waist skirt on this day. Start from a little above the waist and hang down to below the knees. This skirt looks a bit serious. Perfectly suited to Dashami’s mood. A high neckline crop top can be worn with it. Gives a glamorous look. Collected images.

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