Even if you have a heart attack, this car will save you… Amazing electric car!

An all-electric car, it will be equipped with sensors and cameras that can monitor the driver’s signs.

Bianca, a famous start-up company from China, manufactures electric cars. Now this company is being bought and run by the famous Renault company. The company is preparing to launch its first car in the first quarter of 2023. Named the GT Operas 1, the new electric car will go on sale from 2024 to rival the super premium cars already in the market like the BMW Aegis 7 Series, Porsche Aegis and Daegon.

Heart Attack Monitor:

An all-electric car, it will be equipped with sensors and cameras that can monitor the driver’s signs. If the driver notices any unusual symptoms, the onboard artificial intelligence will start talking to him. If the driver doesn’t respond, the artificial intelligence will sense that something is amiss. It immediately takes control of the car’s movement and parks it safely on the side of the road. The infotainment screen in the smart cockpit communicates with doctors.

Cho Weiming, head of Renault South Asia and head of Bianca, said, “If we can save one life with our car, that’s enough. We don’t make ambulances. We make smart premium cars that help people.”

He worked for China’s Volkswagen for the past 15 years before joining Renault. Currently Bianca is manufacturing super premium cars under his leadership. Chinese startup Bianca has so far raised more than $1 billion from investors. The target is to manufacture 3 to 5 models of super premium cars, around one lakh units per annum.

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Will it be sold in China?

China has the largest market for super premium cars. Bianca has announced that it will market the super premium model of the electric car targeting the millions here. The Opus 1 is the best-selling super premium electric car in China. It starts at 898,000 yuan ($123,000) and sells for up to 1.8 million yuan.

And budget friendly cars are well received among the younger generation. Similarly, in China, the young generation under 35 years of age prefers to buy electric cars. As young people under 35 keep their bodies healthy, will they want a super premium car that can save them from a heart attack? is a big question mark.

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