Excessive sugar intake is not pushing you towards mental diabetes? Know what physical disorders can you suffer from due to sugar?

Excessive sugar intake is not pushing you towards mental diabetes? Know what physical disorders can you suffer from due to sugar?

The use of sugar is present in our daily life in one form or another. Eating out has become a fad at the moment, and there is a lot of sugar in the outside food, and we also like to have a lot of sugar in our tea, unless we use a lot of sugar. Not that we drank tea. Sugar or sugar is really poison to us, it depends on how much sugar a person consumes on an average daily, as the World Health Organization has declared 25 grams of sugar per day is good for health, but on an average, every Pakistani consumes 62 grams Sweet poison forms part of your body. However, do you know how our body stores this large amount of sugar? If not here’s a new product just for you!

Risk of type 3 diabetes or cerebral diabetes.
One study used the term type 3 diabetes, which links the link between insulin resistance, high-fat diets and Alzheimer’s, in fact it is the name given to the digestive system of Alzheimer’s sufferers. Damages the brain’s ability to produce glucose and energy, also known as cerebral diabetes

Sugar makes the body prone to diabetes.
According to a medical study, the consumption of sugar increases the risk of diabetes by 1.1% if a person gains extra 150 calories per day.

Sugar can cause a heart attack.
If you avoid sugar just to avoid diabetes, you are actually protecting your heart too, as there is a link between heart disease and diabetes. Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death in people with type 2 diabetes.

Sugar can cause fat to build up on the liver.
The element monosaccharide in sugar forces your liver to accumulate more fat and over time this can turn into fatty liver disease.

Diarrhea causes narrowing of blood vessels.
The use of sugar increases insulin in the bloodstream, which affects the body’s blood circulation, system and arteries. High doses of insulin make the circulation of muscle cells in the arteries faster than usual, causing the walls of the arteries to collapse. Stress increases and increases the risk of stroke or heart attack after suffering from high blood pressure.

Sugar squeezes your energy.
Have you ever noticed that eating a chocolate bar creates a wave of energy inside you and then soon you start feeling tired? In fact, after eating sugar, the body begins to demand more sugar and this cycle continues. As a result, you may feel a lack of physical energy until you eat something sweet.

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