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Today’s technology era has not only made things easier, but also developed many beneficial tools for health. Take for example the fitness accessory called Fitbit.

Fitbit Charge 5

Today’s age of technology has not only made work easier but also developed many beneficial tools for health at the personal level. Take for example a fitness accessory called Fitbit. There is no doubt that Fitbit Watch is indeed a wonderful companion for people who keep their body healthy by doing daily exercises, jogging, working out etc. Amazon has now announced a whopping 30% discount on the Fitbit Charge 5. This advance fitness health tracker is now available at an affordable price of 104.49 (Rs. 8342.40) US Dollars. Its market value is 149.95 dollars.

Some Information about Fitbit Charge 5
24×7 Heart Health Monitor
Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Health Tracker includes many useful features like GPS, stress management tools, sleep tracking, 24×7 heart health monitoring.

Communicates Exercise and Relaxation
Available in moon white and light gold colors, this accessory can be customized to suit your workout schedule. It monitors and analyzes your body condition to tell you when you are ready to exercise and when you need to rest.

Stress Management Another feature essential for quality living is stress management. A lot of people suffer from stress nowadays. Stress is not only mental but also physical. So stress management is essential for a quality life and you can easily manage stress through Fitbit. You will always have your stress score available through this tool. This will give you first hand information on when you can handle stress.

It also has a built-in health metric dashboard that shows your heart rate, Spo2 level, skin temperature, etc. This will undoubtedly help you to keep yourself more fit.

It shows your walking speed, distance traveled, everything.
Another idea is that by turning on GPS and using some apps, mobile phone owners can get information about your movement and distance traveled. But since you wear the Fitbit on your wrist, it is enough to meditate on your activity without using any kind of app. Shows your walking speed, distance walked, everything.

This tracker comes with a premium membership of six months under which you get more detailed health information and analysis at a personal level. But this is only available to new and returning members and valid payment methods, as Amazon has said.

This Fitbit tracker has a good battery capacity with a battery life of seven days on a single charge.

Should you buy the Fitbit Charge 5? Buy it like this

Search for Fitbit Charge 5 Health Tracker by accessing the Amazon site via your mobile or desktop

Read all the information mentioned in the offer details page and after you are convinced about everything proceed to purchase.

Place an order by clicking on Buy Now and paying.

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