Fitness freak Kareena’s favorite asanas, if you know the benefits you won’t miss it!

Beauty tips of Kareena Kapoor: But what kind of yoga does this bride of Pataudi family? Let’s take a look.

Tanvi Kapoor-Tanaya Karina even past forty. However, there is no mystery about the fitness of the mother of two sons. Almost everyone knows that yoga is the key to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s glowing skin and toned body. Kareena herself admitted that she practiced yoga regularly even while giving birth to two children. Several pictures of her doing yoga during pregnancy are also viral. After giving birth, Kareena went back to her fitness routine.

But what kind of yoga is this bride of the Pataudi family doing? Let’s take a look.


A simple seat. Not only that, it’s perfect for a little warm-up right after waking up in the morning. That’s why Kareena also likes to start the day with Setubandhasana. It strengthens the muscles of the back, waist, thighs, and thighs. Instant fatigue is relieved, as the chest, neck and spine are stretched. Mental anxiety and depression go away.

Seat of Merger—

It is basically a type of plank. This sitting picture of Kareena during her pregnancy has already gone viral. It makes the muscles of the body flexible, strengthens the spine. Good blood circulation throughout the body, digestive power increases. Exercising from the right age can increase height. Back pain, mental discomfort is removed. Helps in reducing belly fat and making it muscular.


Once upon a time sages and sages used to stand on one leg and perform penance to attain siddhi. Success in yoga is possible only with a little concentration. Any picture of Kareena can tell the story. The core of this asana is to stand with the weight of the whole body on one leg. So regular practice of this asana helps to maintain a balance in the whole body. It can also increase concentration. Leg, waist, groin, buttock muscles are also improved. The pelvic region is also strengthened.


Kareena’s choice for maintaining strength and flexibility is Natrajasana. It is also possible to maintain physical balance. Concentration increases. Reduces mental anxiety and keeps the mind calm. Chest, thigh, ankle muscles are also strengthened.

Upward Face Shvanasana—

Another favorite asana of Kareena is Upward Facing Shvanasana. This asana can strengthen the lungs, liver, pancreas due to the raising of the front part of the body with the weight on the hands. At the same time, belly fat is lost. The chest muscles are well formed.


The specialty of Kareena, who once had a zero figure, is her slim waist. If you want to get a perfect slim waist like this Kapoor-Nandini, you must do Ustrasana. At the same time, if this asana is practiced regularly, the digestive power increases, it is possible to lose belly fat. Ovulation can also affect hair growth.


Sarvasana is very beneficial for a well formed waist. Kareena practices this asana almost every day. It also relieves leg and waist muscle fatigue.

Raised Hastapadasana—

This is a bit tricky seat. It can be a problem if you don’t have good habits. Better results can be obtained if done under expert supervision. Kareena does this asana to increase her strength. This asana definitely helps in weight loss. Strengthens leg and ankle muscles. Rejuvenates the body by improving the nervous system. Helps maintain body balance. Helps with goal setting and concentration.

Adhomukh Shvanasana—

This asana is one of the secrets behind fitness freak Kareena’s toned body. A picture of Kareena with her younger son Jeh is quite popular in the internet world. There Kareena was practicing this asana. Practicing Adhomukh Shvanasana can cure various hair problems. Those who have problem of baldness or excessive hair loss can get good results by practicing this asana. It can increase blood circulation to the head. Increases oxygen circulation throughout the body, thereby increasing immunity. Digestion increases. Constipation can be cured even if it is a problem. This asana is also very beneficial for those suffering from insomnia.

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