Follow this diet to the letter, only then you will lose 5 kg weight in 15 days

Weight Loss Tips: Experts say that the real reason for weight gain is wrong eating habits and not exercising at the right time. Doctors also say this.

No matter how much housework is done, regular exercise is important. But most women are so busy with housework that they don’t have time to workout or exercise. Experts say that the real reason for weight gain is wrong eating habits and not exercising at the right time. Doctors also say this. (weight loss)

According to experts, if you want to lose weight, you should keep such foods in the diet that will remove toxic substances from the body. Along with this, the right amount of fiber and protein rich foods should be consumed. Here is one such diet chart. If you follow it to the letter, you will not only lose weight, but also control your weight, and also increase your motivation to work.

Ginger or fennel water in the morning: Ginger water helps burn body fat. Ginger has significant effects in reducing body weight and belly fat. Mix a little ginger in a lukewarm glass of warm water in the morning and eat it on an empty stomach. Fennel juice can also be consumed. It strengthens the digestive system and helps in weight loss.

Chickpeas for breakfast, between 8:30 AM: Chickpeas are a great breakfast for weight loss as they are rich in fiber. Fiber is great for the gut and helps keep a person fuller for longer. Along with this, 50 grams of cheese and turmeric milk should be taken in the meal to get full protein. This routine every day can seem monotonous. Alternatively, a bowl of mixed fruit and turmeric milk can be consumed.

Sunflower seeds and a glass of bottled water at 11 am: Sunflower seeds are rich in fiber. It keeps full for a long time. So at 11 o’clock a handful of seeds should be taken with a glass of bottled water. Bottled water will help keep you hydrated.

Lunch by 1 pm, brown rice polao and dal: brown rice with lentils. Do not forget to take salad with it. If you feel bored, you can have a bread with paneer bhurji. Brown rice is a fiber-rich whole grain. Helpful in reducing weight and belly fat.

A glass of whey at 4 pm: Whey is rich in protein, vitamins and several minerals. It is low in calories and fat. It will help hydrate and energize. Whey is an ideal drink for those who want to lose weight. Studies have shown that a small amount of whey daily can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people with high cholesterol levels.

Vegetable soup for dinner, between 7 pm and 7:30 pm: It is completely healthy and great for weight loss. Apart from vegetable soups, clear soups, chicken soups etc. can also be included in the diet. Vegetable soup also helps in digestion. After that, before going to bed at night, have a cup of masala tea or green tea.

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