Food Preservation Methods and Techniques

Food Preservation Methods and Techniques

How to save milk, flour, pickles and other foods
instead of complaining about rising prices and expenses, to prevent food spoilage so that it remains usable and satisfies the heart.

Fresh milk If boiled two or three times, the hot milk will not spoil quickly and if it thickens and it is thought that it will explode in a short time, then mix a little yogurt and keep it covered in the kitchen. It can be used to make curd in the form of yogurt or yogurt in adults.

Crushed red peppers can cause mildew and can be eaten by insects. Keep the chillies in a glass bottle and close it tightly and if the bottle is closed with a pinch of salt, it will rest for several days, the chillies will remain in their original state.

Cheese :
Once the cheese carton is opened, make sure that it is always stored in an airtight vial and take care of the expiry date. Otherwise, the cheese will harden and can contain harmful germs.

Coconut is a delicate thing and it can’t last for months. If you have crushed or shredded skulls in the house, lightly fry it so that it will stay fine for many days.

To protect raisins from insects, put them in a plastic airtight bag or glass bottle and keep them in the fridge.

Flour can contain brown and red worms. Therefore, it is important to protect it from moisture. No matter how much you sift and separate the flour, it still comes out of the sieve which is not good for health. If a piece of ginger is placed in the canister or box in the flour, the insects will not fall and if they are present, they will disappear miraculously.

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