Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan explained the reason for leaving the showbiz industry

Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan explained the reason for leaving the showbiz industry

Former Indian actress, model and dancer Sana Khan has revealed the reason for leaving the showbiz industry.

Two years ago, he surprised everyone by deciding to leave the showbiz industry, serve humanity and live according to the orders of his creator.

However, Sana Khan, who rose to fame from Bigg Boss 6 in 2012 recently, in a video interview which she shared on Instagram, explained the reason behind leaving name, fame and fortune.

During the interview, Sana Khan also became quite emotional while explaining the reason for leaving the industry and wearing hijab.

She said that in her past life she had everything, honor, wealth and fame, everything, she could do whatever she wanted but one thing was lacking i.e. no peace of mind.

Sana Khan further said that due to this situation, she was in great difficulty and remained depressed for several days, then the time came when the message of Allah and its signs began to be received.

He said that about the month of Ramadan 2019, I still remember that I used to see a grave in my dreams, which was burning and I found myself in it, on which I realized that It is the symbolic message that I received from Allah Almighty to change and that is how I was going to end up, because of this I became worried.

Sana says that during this time I also listened to motivational speeches, I remember that changes started coming in me.

According to her, the message said that you don’t want your day to be the first day of wearing a hijab and that was something that left a deep impression on me, she said.

“I remember the next morning, which was also my birthday, I had enough scarves at home that I had bought earlier and put it on and told myself that I would never take it off again,” Sana said.

It should be noted that this year Sana Khan along with her husband Anas Syed has also achieved the blessing of Hajj.

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