Get relief from neck and back pain in a short time. The ways to get rid of body pain quickly which doctors also tell

While working on the computer or reading with your head down, you suddenly feel a sharp pain in your neck or a severe pressure in your back. Sometimes the pain becomes so severe that even work becomes difficult. But we will tell you some simple ways by which you can get great relief from the pain.

1- Collide with ice
Some doctors recommend ice packs for 48 to 72 hours after the pain starts. Ice pack helps to relieve inflammation and nerve tension. But even after that, if you feel stiffness in the muscles, taking a warm compress and bath with warm water will increase the blood flow, which will eliminate the stiffness of the muscles.

2- Massage with light hands
However, it is best to seek help from a professional therapist, but if your problem is not that serious, you can ask a friend or family member to massage your neck with light hands. Or you can apply light pressure on the painful area. If this does not help, pinch the painful area and pull gently.

3- Exercise the neck
If you often feel pain in your neck or back, it may be due to some physical activity. Stop exercising or playing sports on the days of pain. If you dance, squat, golf, run, or play any sports, stop and start shoulder exercises in which you gently raise your shoulders and then roll them forward. Move backwards and downwards. It is best to consult a physician for pain-relieving exercises. After two to three weeks you can return to your routine.

4- Keep drinking water
The body that does not get the required amount of water also has the problem of muscle pain, so make sure that you are drinking the right amount of water.
5- Choice of pillow

One of the main causes of back and neck pain can be not using the right pillow. Pillows and mattresses support the body, so use a pillow that is not too high or hard. A special neck pillow can also be used.

6- Use a soft neck collar
It is important to consult a physician before using a soft neck collar as wearing it can restrict the movement of the neck.

7- Lie down and relax
A sudden onset of muscle pain in the neck muscles indicates that you need rest. In this situation, doctors suggest lying on the back with a pillow under the head and knee.

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