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Google Android Phones | Portrait photos, selfie first. You can blur all kinds of pictures, from pets to food pictures.

Many companies are competing to offer Android phones. This includes Google, the world leader in technology. Google Pixel is Google’s exclusive smartphone brand. Google has many features that are not found in other Android phones. As well, it has recently been reported that it will be offering some more exclusive features and features in addition. The following features are to be added to Google Android phones.

Google Photos Blur feature:
Google Photos’ portrait blur feature will blur the background of many different photos you take and highlight the main feature of the photo. Your portrait photos, selfie first. You can blur all kinds of pictures, from pets to food pictures. This blur feature was previously only available for human photo / face.

This feature will be updated in the future for Google One users who own a Pixel phone.

Google Keyboard and GBoard Upgrade:
An advanced feature of grammar editing will be added to Google’s keyboard or keyboard. Google says the grammar check feature now combines with the spell checking option. Also, the Gboard is updated with over 2,000 emoji mash-ups that link the two emojis into stickers.

Google Live Transcribe App:
Like audio recording, transcription is the process of converting what we speak into words. This feature will help many people in many ways. This Live Transcribe processor is being updated on Google Phone. Updated to work with Google’s Live Offline to provide text-to-speech and transcription speeches that are extremely useful for the deaf. This can be very useful for conversation in areas such as subway or air travel and where network coverage is low.

The Live Transcribe processor is currently available on all branded Android phones. This processor is built-in on Samsung and Google Pixel phones.

In addition to the above features, Google Assistant offers an additional new feature. Using your voice, you can pay for parking by voice message and check parking status. However, this feature is currently only introduced in the United States.

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