Google’s special doodle released on Belgium’s national day

Google’s special doodle released on Belgium’s national day

Today is a national day in Belgium, which is celebrated every year on 21 July to mark the day in 1831 when Prince Leopold of Sussex Coburg-Gotha was sworn in as the first King of Belgium and laid down the Belgian constitution. .

To mark the occasion, a military parade will be held in front of the King’s Old Palace from 4pm to 6pm local time today, while a music festival and fireworks display will be held at Sinkantir Park at night.

To mark the day, Google has released a special doodle featuring a stall making Belgian potato fries (also known as frites).

It should be noted that according to various investigations, potato chips which are later fried in oil, being wrongly called French fries, were first made primarily in Belgium.

It should be remembered that Belgium is earning 1.75 billion euros by selling various frozen products made only from potatoes to 150 countries of the world.

These products include fries, mashed potatoes, (mashed potato) products, chips, grains and flakes.

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