Great news! From now on, Airtel customers can use 5G services on Oppo’s 5G phones

Airtel customers can avail 5G services on Oppo’s 5G phones.

Good news for Oppo customers! Because Airtel’s 5G service can be used on company’s 5G phones from now on. This has been recently announced by Oppo India. That means Airtel customers can use 5G services on Oppo’s 5G phones.

With Airtel’s 5G services on Oppo’s 5G phones, users will get a variety of benefits like cloud gaming, seamless video calling, fast internet uploads and downloads. To get all these benefits, users have to switch to Airtel 5G by going to the network settings option of Oppo’s 5G phone.

Earlier this month, Oppo partnered with popular telecom company Airtel. Through this, Airtel’s 5G service will be provided to Oppo’s 5G phones. As a result, users can use 1 Gbps speed through this. Apart from this, Oppo is also offering a variety of 5G handsets. These types of Oppo handsets are available in the Indian market at various price points.

Not only this, Oppo is also supporting the Indian government in various ways to launch 5G services in the country. In fact, for this, the company has joined hands with the Indian government to open many research institutes, which will help telecom companies. Oppo has also opened India’s first 5G field testing center. It has been opened in different parts of the country in the interest of providing better 5G services to the customers. That is, its main goal is to provide better 5G services in different parts of India and in different frequencies.

Taslim Arif, VP & R&D Head, Oppo India said, “Oppo has been using cutting-edge technology since its inception to provide advanced and cutting-edge services to users. Efforts are being made to continuously improve these technologies keeping users in mind.

Currently 5G is a modern service. And the Oppo team is working tirelessly to bring this 5G service to everyone in India. Many thanks to Airtel for this. And our only goal now is to bring 5G services to every citizen of India by joining hands with Airtel.”

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