Green juice or ABC juice…which is better for health..?

Which of the two juices is better for your health? What are the benefits? Let’s learn about it here.
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Most of the dieters who want to lose weight choose juicing in their diet plan. Nowadays green juice and ABC juice made with vegetables and fruits are popular among everyone. So which of these two juices is better for your health? What are the benefits? Let’s learn about it here.

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Green juice recipe and benefits: Green juice is a drink made
with green vegetables, fruits, spinach, cucumber, green apple, coriander and mint along with lemon juice and ginger. It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals which helps to keep the body healthy. Most people who are on a diet use these types of juices to keep their bodies under control. Many celebrities including actor and fashion designer Masaba Gupta and Athiya Shetty are taking this juice more and more.
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Nutrients in green juice in general reduce the risk of heart disease. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce bacterial growth on the skin and keep the skin moisturized. Also, the addition of ginger helps to promote weight loss and boost immunity.

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ABC Juice Recipe and Uses:
Made from three main ingredients – apple, beetroot and carrot. ABC extract is packed with many nutrients and antioxidants including zinc, potassium, manganese and many other vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, etc. which help to boost immunity.

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And helps in detoxifying your skin, keeping it healthy and youthful forever. It is low in calories making it a great drink for those trying to lose weight.

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Which is better green juice or ABC juice?
Both these juices are highly packed with various nutrients. So you can choose both. But green or ABC juice should be stopped if inflammation occurs. Which one is best for you? You choose it.
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Consuming too much juice in particular can raise your blood sugar levels and harm your kidneys. Therefore, regular exercise should be followed to maintain good health. You can also regularly consume some juice to give you energy. Drinking anything in moderation can help improve your health.

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