Guava Cure Cough Find out what is in guava which is the best remedy for dry and phlegm cough

Cold or hot cough in any season is extremely painful because it causes headaches and breathing problems including lungs due to which we can not do any work and go to a party, embarrassment. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.
Now that the season of guava has come, do not forget to use it in the treatment of cough. Don’t be

Guava is a complete antioxidant, it contains vitamin C, iron, acetyl alkaline, carotenoids, potassium and useful fibers which make it unique in food as well as useful in resolving diseases.

How does guava cure cough?
The presence of iron and vitamin C in guava makes it useful for relieving cough. Guava is very useful in both dry and phlegmatic cough but the method of its use is different.

For dry cough:
In dry cough, the throat and tongue also remain dry all the time and there is a cough trap which causes a sudden cough which becomes unbearable. In such cases, guava is useful due to its alkaline properties.

How to use:
Wash the guava well and chop it finely and then sprinkle half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder on the chopped pieces of these small guavas and eat it at any time of the day or when you have more cough, eat it after drinking water but Do not drink water for half an hour after eating it.

For whooping cough:
A cough with mucus not only hurts the throat, mouth and lungs, but it also causes pain in the legs, so you have to go to the washbasin again and again to throw mucus. Because guava contains iron which will give strength to the body and Vitamin C, Potassium will help in preventing cough.

How to use:
Wash a guava and dry it well and put it on the stove and cook it well so that its skin burns a little. Now cut its stalks and put pepper powder, black salt on them and eat it at night before going to bed but do not drink water.

Both of these methods are very useful in relieving cough so you should also use them and protect yourself from cold and flu including cough in cold weather.

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