Hair Care: Hair up together? A few mistakes in the dry season will pay big

Hair Care: Let’s see how to avoid these mistakes and how to use a blow dryer with skillful hands

Drying big hair after a bath is a chore. All women know this very well. Many people use blow dryers for this. But salon-finish is not. Sometimes the hair becomes bad. Behind this lies the wrong method of using the blow dryer. Let’s take a look at how to avoid these mistakes and use a blow dryer with skillful hands.

Dry hair on high heat: This mistake is done by almost everyone. Set the dryer on high heat mode. Unknowingly, it damages the hair. Because high heat is not good for hair health. Not only the root of the hair is broken, the texture is also damaged. So the setting should be kept low. Only then the hair will have the desired shine.

Don’t skip heat protectors: Use heat protectors to prevent hair from becoming dry or frizzy. There are many types of heat protectors available in the market. From there you can choose the one you like. It should be applied all over wet hair. However, many times the heat protector is not applied to the entire hair. So you should start using it from the middle by dividing the hair.

Comb, dryer on wet hair: Many people don’t like it. Use a dryer on wet hair. Many scratched again. Remember, wet hair is very fragile. Hair roots are also weak. So combing wet hair with a comb or using a dryer should be avoided.

Extra shine: Sometimes hair creams and conditioners are applied and blow dried to get extra shine. It is also harmful. Using heavy and oil-based conditioners before blow-drying will make bouncy hair look frizzy instead. A mild conditioner is recommended for this.

Not too long on one point: Hair dryers have to be used wisely. Do not stay on one point for long. It damages hair follicles and scalp. Moreover, experts also advise to keep the hair dryer some distance from the hair.

Hair must be divided: Many people do not agree to this. Their habit is to take the dryer and dry their hair randomly. It takes a long time to dry the hair. Before blow drying, the hair should be divided into two sections. The dryer can also be used conveniently. It is best if the hair is divided and secured with clips or pins.

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