Have you ever been traumatized by the loss of a baby, knowing how long it would be safe to get pregnant again in terms of health?

Have you ever been traumatized by the loss of a baby, knowing how long it would be safe to get pregnant again in terms of health?

Abortion is a huge physical and emotional blow to a woman, and both men and women need some time to get out of it. It takes some hard work, especially for a woman to get back to her routine, because she is going through a lot of physical and mental pain, so she needs to deal with love.

Physical rehabilitation process:
The physical effects of a miscarriage can depend on the type of miscarriage you have and if you experience any complications, it may take longer to recover. In most cases you may need a few weeks. It may take some time.

You may be able to leave the hospital within a few hours after the abortion surgery is over, but you may show some physical symptoms in the next two weeks.

Bleeding for about 1-2 weeks. It is heaviest during the first few days but can be mild thereafter. You may feel weak for a few days after the expiration. The effects will be greatest in the first two days so it is important to rest at home.

For about 1 week these pains will feel like menstrual cramps and should be administered in the same way Ibuprofen or paracetamol should be used but do not take aspirin as it can affect blood clotting if painkillers If that doesn’t help, consult your doctor.

You should be able to do most of your normal activities in a few days but if you still feel pain or fatigue then avoid strenuous activities so that your body can recover.
Contact your doctor if you notice any abnormalities after abortion. Possible symptoms may include fever, severe pain, and heavy blood flow.

Seek medical help if you need help dealing with emotional effects, especially if you are having difficulty coping with them or if you feel your mental health is not good.

Marital Relationships and Pregnancy After Abortion:
If you are going through an experience like pregnancy or losing a family member then negative thoughts come and stay for a long time, in some cases abortion can also trigger depression or other mental health disorders.

Another important part of getting back to normal after an abortion is your sex life, both the mental and physical effects of an abortion can affect your sex and cause you pain.

Relief, sadness, emptiness or feeling of loss, guilt, anger or blaming yourself or your partner. This situation can also occur frequently.

You may not be emotionally ready to have sex again immediately after the physical effects are over. It is important to wait as long as you need to. You may still feel a little different a few weeks after or less after the abortion. Avoid sex at least until the bleeding stops.

If you are not physically and emotionally ready, do not rush. If your body is still not feeling well or you are not ready for sex, then it is better to wait. It is important to wait at least two weeks to be sure to take some precautions in the beginning as you may become pregnant immediately after the abortion.

It is better to wait a few months for the re-pregnancy after losing the baby so that the woman’s physical health and strength can be restored during this period.

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