Healthy Lifestyle: Keep the heart full of youth; Follow these four tips from 30 onwards

People of all ages need some exercise. It can avoid heart related ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol levels.

As the seed is sown, so shall the harvest grow in the house—the proverb applies to the heart as well. A change comes in people’s life from the age of thirty. It’s time to take a lot of responsibility, but it’s full of youth. So it is a very important chapter. Some changes occur in the body with maturity. As a result, this age determines the future health to a large extent. If you follow four things after thirty, you can live a lot. This is what the Director of Interventional Cardiology at Fortis Hospital in Bangalore, Rajpal Singh, said.

1. Regular exercise-

People of all ages need some exercise. It can avoid heart related ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol levels. Exercise can be anything, sports, swimming or brisk walking. It is necessary to walk at least 40 minutes a day.

2. Healthy eating habits-

A daily diet should contain a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat. It needs fruit and quantity of water along with it. And alcohol should be moderated. The amount of salt in the food should also be less. Instead of eating large amounts of food at once, eat small meals at regular intervals.

3. Freedom from smoking—

Smoking is the enemy of the heart. A smoker is twice as likely to develop a heart attack than a non-smoker. Not only that, their risk of death from heart disease is also 3-4 times higher than others.

Dr. Rajpal Singh

It takes about a year for one’s cardiovascular risk to halve after quitting smoking. Another year carries some risk. Second-hand smoke has similar harmful effects.

Therefore, smokers of any age, especially those aged 30 and above, should stop smoking immediately.

4. health check

Prevention is better than cure—so get a heart and related health checkup at least once a year starting in your thirties. Especially, those with a family history of heart disease, or those who are smokers, diabetic, hypertensive, obese, need to consult a doctor.

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