Here are some tips for breastfeeding mothers, so that the baby can get the full amount of milk.

The birth of a baby is a big change in your life, it changes your life, especially your mother’s. From the birth of a child to its upbringing, there are various periods that the mother has to go through. It happens that after the first few months, the milk is reduced and the baby’s stomach is not full. Due to which the baby keeps crying and getting annoyed. In such cases, mothers are forced to breastfeed. So understanding this problem, today we will share with you some tips and foods that you can try to increase milk and baby food can be complete. Most of the time mothers get nervous when after a few months their milk is reduced and the baby starts to get annoyed. That mothers You take care of yourself during pregnancy but after the birth of the baby you stop taking care of yourself. Which is very ugly, you still have to take care of your diet as much as now because if you don’t take care of yourself now. The baby will not get enough food and he will become weak and irritable. That is why mothers must take care of themselves. If the mother is healthy then the child will be healthy.

Tips for mothers.
If you feel that your baby is not filling his stomach and is not getting enough milk, then you must contact your doctor and write a lactation supplement, it will be of great benefit to you.
Be sure to drink at least one kilogram of milk throughout the day, whether in the form of yogurt, in the form of milk, or in the form of cheese.
Drink a glass of lukewarm water before and after breastfeeding. This will make the milk better.
Drink 10 to 14 glasses of plain water throughout the day.
After the baby is born, you must have someone to massage your body or your mother or sister can do whatever massage they can. This will keep your blood circulation and milk flow normal. Take a bath with lukewarm water every day. This will often cause lumps to form in the chest due to milk. 

Be sure to include cumin seeds in your diet. Lightly fry half a teaspoon of cumin seeds daily and keep it. Drink it with warm milk.

Fenugreek seeds …
Soak it in water at night, drink its water in the morning and chew it.

Be sure to use milk as well as lactation supplements.

Be sure to include garlic in your diet as it also increases milk production

Barley porridge …
Eat barley porridge for breakfast every morning. It is very strong and it makes milk very good.

Butter …
Nuts are a great source of calcium, they also increase milk production.

Prescription to increase milk
Grind 50 grams of
fennel, 25 grams
of fennel seeds, 50 grams of
these three together and grind them to powder. When you sleep at night, put a tablespoon of this powder in a glass of lukewarm milk and drink it. Inshallah, it will be beneficial.

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