Hip Exercise: This exercise will reduce hip fat, workout like this to get mercerary figure

Hip Exercise: Jeans, trousers to bold dresses, barely fit. But after a certain age most of the weight increases and the body becomes flabby. No clothes fit.

Many people are jealous of the figure of Bollywood actresses. Ees, if only my body was like that. Round hips like Malaika Arora, lean stomach like Katrina. Jeans, trousers to bold dresses, barely fit. But after a certain age most of the weight increases and the body becomes flabby. No clothes fit.

This is especially true of the hips. Jeans don’t fit flat hips at all. So it is important to exercise. Only then the hips will be round. This requires stressing the right muscles. In this regard, experts say, to get perfect hips, you have to do exercises that move the legs away from the center. Several exercises are mentioned there. Which helps to bring the hips in proper shape.

Basic Hip Lift: The basic hip lift exercise is very useful for shaping the hips. To do this exercise, first lie down on the floor. Hands will be next to the body. Now the legs should be folded from the knees and lifted slowly. Shoulders, hands and head will be on the ground. Doctors recommend 15 sets of 20 exercises every day.

Glute Bridge: This exercise helps strengthen the glutes, glutes and lower back muscles. It’s important to do it the right way. First you have to sleep. Hands will be next to the body. The legs will be empty like Shabana. Now fold the legs and bring them to the hips. Then back, waist should be chaga. Hands, feet, shoulders and head will be on the ground. In this way, you have to return to the previous state from 15 seconds.

Heel Touch Exercise: Heel touch exercise is ideal for excess fat near the buttocks. It not only gives proper shape to the hips but also works as a free hand exercise. First lie down and fold your legs. Both hands will be beside the body. Now lift the head, shoulders and back and touch the heel of the right foot with the right hand and the heel of the left foot with the left hand. Do 20 times on each leg gradually.

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