Honor leaving India? A statement released by the company


Honor | Honor Mobile, which was the leader a few years ago, has now announced that it will exit the Indian market. Let’s see what the company has to say about it.

Over the past few years various mobile companies have been introduced in the Indian market and have grown exponentially and inexorably. As the demands of technology and convenience changed, the companies improved their products accordingly. Honor Mobile, which was the leader a few years ago, has now announced that it will exit the Indian market.

At a time when Android phones were starting to become popular, Honor was the market leader in launching mobile phones. After that, it introduced wearables, tablets and laptops. In the last few years, no new product has been launched from Honor. Due to this, it has been reported that Honor is leaving India.

However, Honor has issued a statement saying that it is not true. Honor was forced to issue a counter statement when the Securities Times reported that the company did not intend to continue its business in India.

The company said that it has not completely pulled out of India and the ‘business operation’ is continuing. Also, the company said it will operate with a more secure approach.

As mentioned above, Honor phones are not gaining ground in smartphone sales in India. Honor has been operating on its own since the sale of Huawei to China’s leading telecommunications company, which has been forced to deal with its own problems since US trade sanctions.

Struggling to expand its consumer business, Huawei sold Honor’s smartphone assets to China-based Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co Ltd last November.

While Honor Mobiles sales peaked, its India mobile division grew by 3 per cent, securing a solid presence in its growing product portfolio. It was only then that Honor launched wearable gadgets called wearables. Later, laptops were also introduced.

In this case, the news that Honor is going to exit has become a problem for the authorities in India. This is because brands like Chinese giants Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo have been accused of money laundering. These companies have come out to defend themselves and claim that the payment methods were misunderstood and that they are innocent.

However, it cannot be denied that while Honor has retreated in the mobile segment, Oppo and Vivo have turned heads. Now that Honor has confirmed that it is not completely out of India, it remains to be seen if it will make a comeback in the smartphone segment.

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