How does gardening affect mental health?

How does gardening affect mental health?

Mental health is still a very silent topic and not everyone is willing to talk about the condition, however discussing it or not doesn’t change the fact that there are people who suffer from mental health conditions. Which can be more or less intense.

People with severe mental health conditions are usually prescribed medication and therapy, but people with milder conditions can use therapy and other methods that reduce their anxiety and make them feel calmer. People may practice painting, sewing, cooking or gardening to calm themselves.

Gardening also helps to calm the mind, focus on a task and relieve stress. Also, gardening can help you improve your knowledge of plants, nature and the environment in general. Anyone can practice gardening and it can also be taken up as a hobby.

Take a look at how gardening can help with mental health.

Helps reduce stress:
When you practice gardening or sit in your garden or take a walk, it helps to reduce your stress and can also help improve your mood.

self confidence:
When you suffer from mental health conditions, you are likely to have low self-esteem, but when you plant a tree and watch it grow, it can help boost your self-esteem. .

Getting rid of negative thoughts:
While gardening can help you focus and stay in the present moment, it also helps you get rid of negative thoughts that may be bothering you.

Physical exercise:
When you practice gardening, you are essentially doing some form of physical exercise, any form of physical exercise known to reduce stress and anxiety.

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