How long enough to fall in love at first sight? A recent study answers

Love at first sight, a common condition experienced by many lovers, but scientifically how much does a person need to be attracted to the other party and fall in love at first sight?

A recent study revealed that it takes two minutes for a person to fall in love at first sight, not as many think it starts with meeting eyes.

Based on the physiological changes of both men and women during speed dating, researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) observed an increase in sweating rates caused by the skin’s resistance to the small electric currents from the thyroid gland, and an increase in physical movements during the first two minutes of the meeting.

The researchers pointed out that the two sexes showed the same signs of emotional attraction at the same time, and began to release physical movements that reflect emotional attraction during the meeting, such as smiling, gesturing, and moving arms and legs.

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