How to avoid summer headaches

When the weather is very hot, most people get headaches due to the severity of the weather .

As the sun’s heat intensifies, the days to come get warmer and warmer. In summer, the temperature in many parts of our country stays around 40 degrees and in this condition people have to go out in the scorching rays of the sun for their work and other work. Despite all the precautionary measures, many people are affected by the severity of hot weather and suffer from cold.

Symptoms of summer headaches
Symptoms of heat headaches may include mild to moderate pain on both sides of the head, worsening headaches with physical activity, and persistent mild headaches.

Safety measures
One precautionary measure to prevent heat headaches is to drink plenty of water and avoid excessive physical activity in hot weather. As soon as you realize that you are having a headache, take the following precautions so that you do not get worse:

1- Find a place to cool down and relax.

2- Drink water and cold drinks from time to time for hydration.

3- Eat fruits that are rich in magnesium, such as banana, pineapple, watermelon, apricot, etc.

4- The use of yogurt and butter in food will also protect you from cold.

5. Most people avoid using fish in the summer, but there is no scientific reason to do so. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are said to protect you from headaches.

Other Precautions
1- If the headache is not diminishing, turn off the lights in the room and try not to let any noise or light from outside the room enter the room.

2- Use all possible methods to sleep.

3- You can also use ice cubes to relieve headaches. Gently massage the neck and head by wrapping these ice cubes in a cotton cloth.

4- Avoid foods that are feared to increase migraine, for example caffeine or chocolate.

5- In case of migraine, help can be sought through walking, swimming or cycling. X-ray size plays an important role in relieving migraine.

6- Don’t let the daily stress overwhelm you, in this case even half of the headache can be reduced.

7- If the pain is very severe then tie a band around the head, which is called head band.

8- Wear dark glasses on your eyes at all times in the hot sun.

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