How to get good health

How to get good health

Everyone strives to have good health, and good health means that a person is free from physical or psychological diseases. Health is divided into physical health and mental health, and they are two parts that are closely related together, and the disruption of one affects the other, and research has discovered that the lifestyle that a person lives in determines the extent of the person’s life. His health and safety, so many useful and proven tips have been published to help people on how to get good health and stay away from disease.

How to be healthy 
Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits, as your body needs many nutrients that nourish cells and help them perform their functions to the fullest. 

The Japanese are among the most long-lived people, and this is due to a diet rich in colorful vegetables and few calories. Do exercise regularly, as it helps to stimulate blood circulation in your body, thus feeling energetic and strong, distributing food and oxygen to cells, and absorbing waste and carbon dioxide to get rid of them outside. 

Always in the circle of positive people, and stay away from negative people who cause feelings of anxiety, stress and depression, which are harmful to health. Studies have proven that negative feeling leads to a weak immune system and a rapid infection with diseases. 

Behave well with everyone and do not try to cause harm to anyone. Studies have proven that good people are healthy, forgive and do not try to hate anyone; Because hate and hate only hurt you. 

Stay away from harmful behaviors, such as: smoking, which causes pollution of the lungs and blood in the body; This is because the nicotine in smoke combines with red blood cells and thus replaces oxygen, and you should stay away from smoking places even if you are a non-smoker; This is because inhaling cigarette smoke causes the same damage, and one of the harmful behaviors is the consumption of alcohol that destroys the liver. 

Take a nap in the afternoon in order to rejuvenate your body, and stay away from the long night, as a good sleep is healthy for the body. get married; Marriage brings stability to a person and increases his immunity against diseases. 

Commit to reading the Noble Qur’an, humility in prayer, performing the obligatory and supererogatory prayers, and staying away from sins, as studies have proven that religious people are the happiest. 

stay away from anger; This is because it causes high blood pressure, increased pressure on the body’s vessels, and the occurrence of heart attacks. 

Set goals in life for you to feel energized and happy when you achieve them.

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