How to take care of skin in monsoon?

How to take care of skin in monsoon?

With the onset of Monsoon comes relief from the intense heat but this change can take a toll on the skin, there is no doubt that your skin needs special attention during this season, by adopting some of the following precautions Skin can be better taken care of.

Avoid heavy makeup
Heavy make-up should be avoided in rainy season because in this season make-up can be harmful to the skin, nail acne, allergy etc. can occur, if you are suffering from acne problem then heavy make-up and Stop using lotions, instead make sunscreen, AHA, BHA combination your routine.

In addition, while sleeping, take care that your skin is clean, do not use any kind of make-up products on it because it increases the risk of skin pores.

Take care of hygiene
Sweating and humidity are common in this season which can lead to fungal infection, so experts say that it is important to bathe twice a day to prevent fungal infection and maintain good personal hygiene. Is.

Use sunscreen
Make sunscreen your routine, it helps in better skin care, sunscreen should be used not only when going out in the sun but also indoors.

Also, add sunscreen to your routine during the changing weather as ultraviolet rays are always around us and cause serious damage to the skin.

Sunscreen helps protect against them and keep skin glowing.

Use a moisturizer
During the monsoon season one should ditch the heavy moisturizer and use a light moisturizer in the routine as the moisturizer protects the skin from the weather changes and damage caused by it.

Increase water consumption
Whatever the season, make it your routine to drink more water, it’s possible that during the monsoons, you may feel less thirsty or not at all, so you can reduce your water intake.

By doing this you may suffer from dehydration, make it a habit to drink 8-10 glasses of water even during monsoon season, this will keep your skin internally hydrated.

Apart from this, water also flushes out toxins from the body and makes your skin glowing by cleaning your skin pores.

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