Hyundai India car sales increase in July… Do you know how much? Here are the full details!

Hyundai India car sales increase in July… Do you know how much? Here are the full details!


Hyundai India | Hyundai Motors, India’s second largest carmaker, sold 63,851 cars in July, a growth of 6 percent.

Hyundai Motor India Limited is a subsidiary of South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company. According to the needs of the customers, the cars are manufactured in different models. 2 years ago, the sales of cars suffered a decline due to the impact of the corona virus, but now it has gradually reached the pre-corona level. According to this, the Hyundai company has reported an increase in sales in this environment where people are buying cars that come in different models.

Last month in July, Hyundai sold 63,851 cars and registered a growth of 6 percent. But compared to selling 60,249 cars in the same month of July last year, now the domestic sales figures have increased to 50,500 units. The car brand also reported that it exported 13,351 units of cars, up 9.4 percent from 12,207 units in July.

In this regard, Tarun Garg, Sales and Marketing Director of Hyundai Motors India Limited, said in a statement that the vehicles are manufactured according to the needs of the customers. He said that good progress is being made in sales. Tarun Garg has said that the newly launched Hyundai SUV Tucson has received good response from the customers and believes that there will be more opportunities for it in the future. Hyundai also said that the company has increased its export numbers significantly every month.

In addition, South Korean automakers sold a total of 51,263 units of cars in May 2022, which is 67 percent higher than the previous year. Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor India Ltd sold 42,293 cars in its domestic sales compared to the previous months. This is up 69.2 percent from the 25,001 units of cars retained in the same month a year ago. And the automaker brand said in a statement that it sold 8,970 cars, up 57.3 percent from 5,702 cars last May.

In particular, the Hyundai Motors manufacturing plants in Chennai were closed from May 16, 2022 to May 21, 2022 due to maintenance work. Even then exports and increased its brand production to meet the needs of customers. And timely delivery in the domestic market is also noteworthy.

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