I have severe abdominal pain and can’t even sit. Didn’t the navel come down somewhere? Learn its cure and get relief from pain

Often we carry a heavy object and then our stomach aches and cramps so much that we can’t sit or lie down, so we worry about whether it’s a navel pain or not.
Today we have come up with a way to get the navel in place for you. After that, if ever it happens to you, treat it yourself with this tip that we have given you.

What to do if the navel comes off?
* One of the best treatment for navel is dry tea leaf, grind it well and then mix one teaspoon of this powder in a glass of water and drink it, which will get rid of abdominal pain immediately, however some people get relief. It may take longer.
* Sit up straight and spread your legs in front, then bend your right leg and try to touch the toe of your left leg by extending your arms forward and repeat it 7 times.
* Then spread both legs straight and this time bend the left leg and touch the thumb of the right leg with your hands, repeat this process 7 times, this exercise will bring the navel back to its place.

* Another way is to massage the affected area which will reduce the abdominal pain and the navel will return to its place in a few days.

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