If the hair is dry then use henna in the prescribed way and find the solution to 3 major hair problems.

If the hair is dry then use henna in the prescribed way and find the solution to 3 major hair problems.

Henna is the most popular herb used for beauty in india and its cooling effect also protects from heat, however it is often used for decorating hands, feet and hair, nowadays every other person has hair. No matter how many shampoos and tips you use, these problems are not solved, but here are some of the benefits of henna for hair.

Dense and long hair:
Applying henna twice a month makes hair healthy, shiny and thick, it restores the lost health of your hair and eliminates the damage. Henna balances the acidic effects on the scalp and does not affect the natural texture of the hair.

Protect hair from falling out:
Mixing henna and mustard oil can reduce the problem of hair loss. Boil 2.5 ml mustard oil, add a few henna leaves in it and boil more, massage this oil on the scalp two to three times a week. 

Make hair shiny and beautiful:
Henna is also a great conditioner for your hair, it forms a protective layer on the hair which protects it from the damage of dirt or pollution, while the ingredients in henna protect the hair from drying out, damage and other damages. It also makes the hair shiny

Hair dyeing works:
If you want to dye your hair without damaging it, then henna is the best solution. It does not contain any amino acids or chemicals which remove the moisture from the hair and make it lifeless and restless. Make a paste by adding two tablespoons of dry amla, one tablespoon of henna leaves in warm water and leave it on the scalp for two hours, your hair will turn white to black shiny color.

Protect from drought:
Henna is also effective for dryness. Soak fenugreek seeds in one or two tablespoons of water overnight and grind them in the morning. Heat the mustard oil and henna leaves and after cooling add fenugreek paste. And then leave it in the hair for an hour and then take a bath, the dryness will disappear completely.

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