If you also have pimples on your face, be careful. Some habits that quickly spoil your face

Women are always trying to make their face flawless and beautiful, so they buy expensive products from the market and also try home remedies. But even after so much hard work and efforts, often women have to suffer from facial problems, the reason of which they do not understand. So let us tell you today what are the reasons that make your face look bad and you don’t even know it.

Cracking facial pimples:
Most of the girls have a habit that as soon as they get pimples on their face, they start trying to squeeze or tear them, due to this, the yellow substance comes out temporarily and the pimple looks fine, but in reality, pressing or tearing the pimple It damages the skin from the inside due to which new pimples appear around the same place after a couple of days. So try not to do this at all and let the grains burst on their own after ripening.

Excessive use of beauty products:
Excess of anything always proves to be harmful, similarly using more creams and putting something on the face all the time and not leaving it empty will spoil your face. Skin experts say that 90% of women’s faces are damaged due to this.

Just as we keep our clothes clean, we also need to change and keep our pillowcases clean, because a dirty pillowcase is one of the major causes of pimples on the face. Yes, when you sleep, you also sweat, in this way your dead skin cells stick to the pillow and some people who sleep with oil in their hair, the pillow also absorbs the oil and causes acne on the face. Therefore, wash and replace the gloves every week.

Do not sleep after washing your mouth at night:
Washing your face at night is as important as washing your face in the morning, because the dust and germs of the whole day are on your face, if you don’t wash it off at night, it will start creating acne in your skin by morning. do.
Apart from this, there are some other habits that you have to give up such as
• Washing your face with soap too often •
Using too much sun block cream
• Washing your face with too hot water
• Touching your face and pimples frequently
• Sleeping well don’t do

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